Property Maintenance Services

Mulch Sales and Delivery

Are you a Do It Yourself kinda person.  Stone Valley offers Mulch Sales and Delivery.  As well as plants and trees.  Call Today to Get your needs delivered.

Spring/ Fall Cleanups

Is the season changing and you can not find the time to get the things going?  Stone Valley can assist you in the clean up and removal of debris from your property to give you a fresh start to your landscape.

Clean Outs/ Trash Removal

Looking to have a property or building cleaned out?  Stone Valley is here to aid you to give you a new beginning in or around your facility or building.

Fertilization Services

Stone Valley Landscapes will custom your fertilization schedule and mixture to match your lawn's needs.  Unlike the  "Big Green Guys" we will assess what your soil is lacking and replace what is needed.  This is not a quick green fix, but a long lasting soil repair.

Project Design

Stone Valley Landscapes can quickly assist you in planning and design of the dream landscape you have always wanted.  We offer full design services for your property, you will know exactly what to expect when the job is completed.

Customer Referral Programs

We take pride in our work and we are sure you will be proud of the final product.  We want to show our appreciation by rewarding you whenever you show off your new landscape to your friends and family.